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The Whole Journey
For The Fullest Potential. 

GDI is a child development and therapy center founded on the belief of Gestalt’s principles of ‘Whole-ness’. We believe strongly in developing the ‘Whole’ child, engaging the ‘Whole’ ecosystem and walking with you through the ‘Whole’ journey to maximize your child’s potential to be included and be a valued contributing member of society throughout their life with educational therapy for children.

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Because we care

We Listen

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GDI's Immersive Mixed Reality (IMR) Powered Therapy Innovation Hub

Embracing latest research and technology to enhance therapy outcomes for children and adolescents with additional needs.

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Inspired by Gestalt Theory- The 'Whole' Being Greater Than the Sum Of Its Parts
Early childhood education

Whole Child

At GDI, we believe that a child, when seen in as a ‘whole’, through all his/her strengths and needs is greater than his/her individual deficit, need or strength. At the very crux, we believe in identifying and leveraging on strengths while at the same time developing and supporting areas of need- all in a ‘whole-istic’ child-centric approach of skill building.

child development

Whole Ecosystem

At GDI, we believe that the degree of adjustment of a child is in his/her life, over the entire course of childhood and adolescence, is dependent on the ‘whole’ ecosystem around him/her e.g. family, school, community. We believe that building and strengthening each of these parts of the ecosystem collectively, concurrently while building the skills of the child, multiplies the impact and enables not jus the child to integrate to the environment but also for the systems around the child to accommodate him/her better.

Children education

Whole Journey

Research tells us that child development does not stop at 6 years of age, it continues throughout  adolescence. Hence,  at GDI, we believe that it is critical to not just develop gains in early childhood education but sustain and enhance them over time. Studies on child development have indicated that when early intervention for children stops with additional needs, the gains made in early years gradually start to decline without continual support and re-training- especially through transition periods.  That is why our service framework is focused on supporting the child (and the child’s ecosystem) beyond early years, through to childhood and adolescence.

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child eduactional therapy
Comprehensive Suite of Professional Services

We provide a range of therapy and support services ranging from educational therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and psychology for individuals aged 2-18.


Our service delivery integrates best practices such as Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and Positive Behaviour Support (PBS).

We also provide assessment services in the areas of adhd in children which is Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Dyslexia and School readiness.

As an institute, we are also informed by emerging best practices. This also involves embracing latest innovation and technology to improve your child's learning and development process with Speech therapy. One such example is the in-house Immersive Mixed Reality (IMR) studio.

child growth
Bespoke, Child-Centric Development Plan

Through a thorough pre-therapy assessment process, we aim to have a deep understanding of your child's needs, interests, strengths and areas for growth. The GDI child development plan charts the current therapy and support plan for the near, medium and longer term, with an emphasis on scaffolding and multi-level skills development with Child Developmental milestones.

The plan is reviewed regularly with the child's ecosystem- parents and school, to ensure gains are generalised across the child's different environments.

early childhood development
Building the Capacity of the Child's Ecosystem

We recognise the importance of strengthening and sustaining a solid ecosystem of support for your child. Aside from engaging and working with families and schools as part of the child's bespoke therapy plan, GDI also  offers standalone comprehensive training and development packages for families, pre-schools and schools (primary/secondary).

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